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A common complaint for water cooler is the leakage or damage of water tank and said complaint resolved through storage type water tank used in this unit. 

The water tank sheet of SS-304 to save the water tank from Jung and other atmosphere effects.

 Resultantly the durability of tank increased substantially.

 Outer casing o the unit made up from G.I. Sheet for durability point of view, however the same will be made of from SS if requisite.

 The unit specially designed to provide continues output in the hot summer days without any obstruction.

 The unit designed keeping in view the complaint of the customer that the outer body of water cooler damaged due to Jung in very short period. And the people not properly used the water cooler at public or working place.

 This cooler design package is horizontal and water chiller can easily installed at any upper level at angle iron stand and can easily manage the free year and water supply line as per your desire. Resultantly the unit will out reach from the general public and will save from the faults due to human interference and accordingly the life of the unit increased comparatively.

 The facility of specific designing, fabrication and material as per your requirement/capacity is available.

 The heat condensing/exertion components is fitted/installed with a sufficient and same safe the component from damage by overheating.

 All models designed on single phase (220 Volts) electricity connection.

To save the electricity at your desired set temperature the unit goes at standby mode.

Due to at least trouble shooting the unit required minimum maintenance.

 We are proud to be recognized as Pakistan's largest and leading drinking water cooler and industrial process chiller's manufacturer.