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Our Products

  Proudly Pakistan Made.

Monir Son's Chillers are world class when it comes to performance and quality. Made in Pakistan, all of our Cooler's Industrial Process Chillers are constructed using quality workmanship and componentry. our Cooler prides itself in thoroughly testing all chillers prior to dispatch to ensure performance to 45°C ambient, utilising its own unique testing room.



Other Features:

  • Power saving due to completely calculated on Software.
  • Auto on-off system.
  • Stainless steel water tank with insulation.
  • More capacity as compare to other water coolers.
  • Built with heavy duty sheet.
  • Complete structured with rust proof body.
  • Internal & External powder coating.
  • Backing of powder coating with high temperature in the oven for last several time and durable. Can work even in the worst waether with safely.
  • Electrical safety breaker.
  • Space saving due to upper installation.
  • Out of reach from worker/other persons who can damage it.
  • Available in different beautifull models in the capacity of users 100 to 1,000 persons.

 The First ever Horizontal water cooler in pakistan

Description of ICEBERG Water Chiller
Sr.# Make Model Dimension User’s
Water Tank SS
(Water Storage Capacity)
1 Iceberg WC-H100 Height- 27"
Wide- 36"
Depth- 21"
20-L 1/3-HP
2 Iceberg WC-H200 Height- 27"
Wide- 36"
Depth- 21"
40-L 1/2-HP
3 Iceberg WC-H300 Height- 27"
Wide- 40"
Depth- 24"
80-L 3/4-HP
4 Iceberg WC-H400R Height- 33"
Wide- 48"
Depth- 30"
120-L 1-Ton
5 Iceberg WC-H600 Height- 33"
Wide- 48"
Depth- 30"
200-L 1.5-Ton



1-     Based on company research data, for 8 hour shifts

2-     Exclusive Meal time/Eating house/Canteen/mess etc